Conference Salient Features


All the academia and practitioners of South and South East Asian countries are expected to benefit from this collaborative and cooperative mechanism by sharing experiences and tested facts on a common platform. The direct beneficiaries will be the participants including officials, NGO members, researchers, professionals and students, while the long-term indirect beneficiaries will be the natural resource dependent communities in the South and South East Asian countries. This conference remains open to other participants having similar thinking and interests to contribute and enrich the outputs further.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Inoue Makoto, Waseda University, Environmental Sociology will speak on “Theoretical implication of current social problems in Japan to the studies of the Commons”.

Prof. Marty Anderies, Arizona State University, Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment (CBIE)

Prof. Helmi, Andalas, University, Indonesia, will speak on “Indigenous People in the Dynamics of Land Use Changes, Forest Fires and Haze in Riau Province, Indonesia”

Prof. and Dean Ambika Gautam, Tribuvan University will speak on “New generation of community forest governance challenges in the context of climate change”

Prof. and Dean John Pulhin, Uni. of the Philippines at Los Banos, will speak on “Uneven playing field of community Forestry in Asia”

Prof. Chen Huiyen, Tongji University, Shanghai-China, will speak on “Emergence of co-management models in inland Aquatic Resources Management in China”

Prof. P. K. Visvanathan, Amrita University, Department of Economics and Sustainability will speak on “Coastal resources management challenges in Western Ghat region of India”

Prof. Asif Kamran, Director Policy Research Center at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan will speak on “Institutions to Cope Hydrological Variability: Cases from Pakistan”

Organizing Committee Members


Chen Haiyun, Tongji University


P. K. Viswanathan, Amrita University


Yonariza, Andalas University


Prof. INOUE Makoto, Waseda University


Ram C. Bastakoti, IWMI-Nepal


Asif Kamran, Faisalabad Uni. of Agriculture


Prof. John Pulhin, Uni. of the Philippines at Los Banos


Dr. Nutha Potapohn, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University


Tran Nam Thang, Hue Uni. of Agriculture and Forestry

Ostrom’s Workshop:

Tom Evans, Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana Univ.


Marco Janssen, IASC President Elect.

Host Organizers:

Ganesh Shivakoti and Rajendra Shrestha,

Asian Institute of Technology


Juthathip Chalermphol, Chiang Mai University