Call for Paper


Natural resource managers, planners, professionals, students, institutes, universities, and organisations are invited to submit abstracts and share their experience under these themes:

  • Governing forest resources in complex adaptive systems
  • Community irrigation schemes: Maintaining infrastructure in new socio-ecological systems (SESs)
  • Community based aquatic ecosystems management: New challenges in the context of climate change


All who are submitting Abstracts or papers are also requested to provide a short biography (no more than 100 words) and recent photo that will be published in the conference program.


  1. All submissions must be original work.
  2. All submissions must be completed electronically via the online submission facility
  3. An abstract must contain sufficient information so that if published it will be a complete report independent of presentation. 
  4. The text should not contain statements alluding to results nor conclusions that refer to results that are not presented within the text
  5. The abstract should describe objectives, results, conclusions, innovative steps and the significance of your work
  6. Submission of an abstract acknowledges consent to publication of the full paper in the conference proceedings 
  7. Should your abstract be accepted, only PEER REVIEWED full papers will be published 
  8. The presenting author will be required to register for the conference.
  9. Presenters who have not registered by the deadline date will be removed from the program
  10. All abstracts and papers must be prepared according to the guidelines provided.
  11. Abstracts and papers will only be accepted and published if submitted using the correct format in the supplied guidelines.
  12. The Conference Organizers will not be held responsible for abstract submissions not received via the website or for submission errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events.